For Clergy and Monastics

How Can I Get Sponsored to Attend the March?

We are utilizing the “crowdfunding” phenomenon to help send our clergy and monastics to the March for Marriage. For those who are unable to afford the cost of travel to DC for the March, we are offering a step-by-step guide to help them get funded using a “person to person” financial transaction. That allows us at to refrain from financial transactions. Please see the steps below:

Click here and go to STEP 1, Create your Fundraiser.

GOAL AMOUNT: Indicate the amount needed to fill the gap
DEADLINE DATE: We are suggesting April 15th be the deadline. You can choose this on your own.
TITLE: Include the Following “Help [your name] attend the 2016 March for Marriage.”
BENEFICIARY: your name
CATEGORY: Select “Faith”
CITY: enter your city
TELL YOUR STORY: fill-in as you wish

LOGIN: create an account

You must have provided the other providers, like PayPal, your bank account number, and not just created an account with a credit card.

SHARE: enter your existing contact network to quickly let people know about the cause and your desire to join. Don’t forget to post your  direct url link so others can find you easily and to offer updates. Your YouCaring fund must have at least $1 donated in order to be visible publicly. Please donate to yourself or ask someone else in order to get you started off.

NOW: Once completed, please email us your YouCaring "Your Fundraiser Link" through our "Ask the Priest" tool, or directly at This way we can direct donors to you.

MAINTAIN YOUR ACCOUNT: Don’t forget to make posts on your account to help remind people of your request.