How Can I Go?

Let’s be honest. No one has time for the March for Marriage. Few people outside the Northeast can really “afford” to plan a trip to attend the rally in D.C. But this is the time for us to rise to the occasion. Amid such confusion over love, sexuality, gender roles, family life, we must make a reply for the sake of our children and our neighbor. Take that trip you have always wanted to see our nation’s capital, put your tax refund to good use, or use some of your “emergency funds.” This is an emergency: a crisis. A response on our part is necessary and would be historic. We can acquire many material goods in this life, and many an experience, but to offer your time and monies for an opportunity to stand together in unity of voice as the Church: that is the stuff we were made for.

Details and Plans for the March

To get organized for the day of the March (Saturday, April 25th), please check out our post with complete details.