What Can I Do?

Visit us on Facebook and Confirm you Will Attend

Fill out the "Register With Us" page to register to attend the March for Marriage, or Become a Parish Representative by clicking here.    

How to be a Parish Representative for the March for Marriage   

  1. First Talk to your Priest. It is important to first speak to your Priest about the March for Marriage and your desire to see your parish involved.             

  2. Once you have his blessing send us an email so we know your parish is going to participate in some manner with the March and we can coordinate our efforts.
  3. Use the bulletin inserts (under Resources tab) to advertise the March.
  4. Ask your priest to advertise the March or allow you to speak about the March after Liturgy.
  5. Have a sign-up for those wanting to attend the march.
  6. Coordinate your travel with other Orthodox Parishes in your area.
  7. Contact all other faith communities in your area.
  8. Investigate Reserving a Travel Bus.
  9. Fundraise for Clergy and Monastics who need financial assistance to attend the March.

Become a Regional Representative for the March

  • Email us at the contact page if you are interested in helping coordinate Orthodox Christian Involvement in the March for Marriage.

Sponsor Clergy or Monastics to Attend the March

  • Message or email us through  Facebook  or fill in your info at our   "Ask A Priest"  page to let us know you are interested in becoming a sponsor. Make sure you note this in the message. We will send you instructions, and put you in contact with Clergy or Monastics requesting aide.